Transparency vs Secrecy
Ukraine’s current legal framework for state secrets inherited the Soviet approach to excessive secrecy of all issues related to national security.

This system is based on the principle of secrecy for any information in the security and defence sector. For example, more than half of the Defence Ministry’s procurement is classified. This creates opportunities for large-scale corruption, which often leads to the supply of substandard military goods and services to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, sometimes indirectly causing the death of Ukrainian service members. Corruption in the security and defence sector weakens Ukraine’s ability to defend its national security.

One of NAKO’s key objectives is to strengthen the capacity of civil society to amend legislation on state secrets. We are convinced that the new legislation on protecting state secrets must comply with international democratic standards. This will increase the transparency of budgets and procurement and allow them to be monitored more effectively.
11 July, 2022
A Week of Verkhovna Rada’s Work: One MP Less, Five Unapproved Initiatives and “DNA Database”

Ukrainian Parliament had another Friday session on July 8th. Let’s look at what initiatives they paid attention to during last week.

6 July, 2022
Russia will not stop the war until it has at least some hope of reducing the support of Ukraine by its allies - the executive director of NAKO
Olena Tregub took part in the International Conference
5 July, 2022
Days of Eurointegration in Ukraine's Parliament

NAKO has analyzed changes in Ukrainian legislatin after Ukraine received the status of a candidate for the EU

26 May, 2022
NAKO executive director met with the international stakeholders in the US to advocate support for Ukraine
Olena Tregub also remarked on the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine
24 May, 2022
Ukrainian civil society organizations call on EU member states to grant Ukraine candidate status in June
This will be a powerful gesture of support to the people of Ukraine, who are now defending freedom and democracy
12 March, 2022
The public calls for an international presence and monitoring during the evacuation in Ukraine
Most international organizations are not operating in the conflict hotspots
4 March, 2022
On the verge of a nuclear catastrophe: Ukrainian CSOs call on international partners to give a decisive response to Russia for its shelling of Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant

The Kremlin’s actions are already beyond any military logic

28 February, 2022
We demand the United Nations to establish an international tribunal over Putin and Russia’s top leadership!
Ukrainian civil society organizations appeal to the UN
15 February, 2022
A secret program for developing ammunition production ended with numerous courts and criminal cases - NAKO
State defence plants could not spend budget funds to launch the modern production of ammunition
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