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6 July, 2022
Russia will not stop the war until it has at least some hope of reducing the support of Ukraine by its allies - the executive director of NAKO
Olena Tregub took part in the International Conference
26 May, 2022
NAKO executive director met with the international stakeholders in the US to advocate support for Ukraine
Olena Tregub also remarked on the issue of arms supplies to Ukraine
15 January, 2022
Working visit of NAKO Executive Director to Washington

Tregub met with representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense, State Department, and Congress.

12 January, 2022
NAKO and IDA discussed the reform of the defence industry of Ukraine
Olena Tregub held a meeting with a team of experts from the Institute for Defence Analyses (IDA) involved in the reform of the Ukrainian defence industry
24 December, 2021
Ukroboronprom follows the global trend of increasing transparency at state owned enterprises – NAKO
A recent report by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) demonstrates that more and more state-owned enterprises around the world are increasing their publicity and transparency.
9 December, 2021
Index of integrity in defence governance

Ukraine is again in the group with a high risk of corruption.

8 December, 2021
The law “On State Secrets” needs to be changed - Tregub
The conference “Modus initiative"
17 November, 2021
Defence industry reform is under close public scrutiny - Tregub
Civil society must be involved as much as possible in the transformation of Ukroboronprom.
10 November, 2021
NAKO and Ukroboronprom deepen cooperation in implementation of Law №1630-IX
Strengthening the partnership aims to support the transformation of the national defence industry.
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