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25 January, 2023
“The Egg Scandal”: Technical Mistakes, Incorrect Comparisons And Real Problems In The Army’s Provision
NAKO suggest looking through the recent days from a few different angles: Parliament, government, law enforcement and, of course, civil society, which made this story possible.  

11 January, 2023
"Now defense purchases are practically not accountable" - Olena Tregub
A colossal defense budget has increased the temptation for corrupt officials
11 January, 2023
The reform of Ukroboronprom cannot be stopped even in wartime - Olena Tregub
But the reform was delayed

5 December, 2022
The Japanese government have to investigate how Japanese components got into Iranian drones
Authoritarian states should not have access to modern technologies 
5 December, 2022
Shahed 136 contains components from a Canadian company
The company assures that its products are used illegally
10 November, 2022
Support for Ukraine is a preventing signal for authoritarian countries - Olena Tregub
The executive director of NAKO gave an interview to a South Korean magazine
15 October, 2022
Currently, the tolerance for corruption in the defense sector of Ukraine is low - Olena Tregub
TOP-leaders of the Arm Forces and political leaders are motivated to protect the country to win the war
11 October, 2022
Ignoring Russian terrorist acts by the world increases the risk of nuclear strikes - Olena Tregub
Russia should see the appropriate reaction of the world
8 July, 2022
Against all Odds: Ukraine’s Defence Reform Process
The reform process in Ukraine could present us with the opportunity to learn lessons and formulate future plans
21 January, 2022
Situation with defence procurements negatively affects the defence capacity of Ukraine
Ukraine's state of readiness to face the possible Russian attack is much better than it was in 2014.
20 January, 2022
What will the Ukrainian army not receive in 2022?
In 2022, the Ministry of Defence needs UAH 129 billion. This is evidenced by the budget request. The state budget exceeded these expectations and financed the Ministry by more than UAH 133 billion. Yet, is this enough to fully provide for the Armed Forces of Ukraine?
29 December, 2021
Not stealing is not enough. How can Ukraine minimize corruption risks in the defence?
What would be the best way to assess the effectiveness of anti-corruption efforts in the defence sector?
18 December, 2021
The 600-year housing queue for 46,000 service members: how can the Integrity Index fix it
46,000 service members are waiting in the housing queue.
15 December, 2021
With Botswana and Russia: Why does Ukrainian defence continue suffering from corruption?
The Ukrainian defence industry is still prone to corruption
11 December, 2021
Declassifying Ukrainian procurement will reduce corruption risks and bring Ukraine closer to NATO – Tregub
Ukraine does not have even half of the necessary safeguards against corruption
10 December, 2021
By joining efforts, we hope to effectively minimize corruption – Ihor Chukhrai
Ministry of Defence is actively cooperating with expert civil society organizations on program, normative, organizational, educational
3 December, 2021
Memorandum between UIA and Airbus - beginning of the end for the Ukrainian airline industry
Contracts that large remain a sacred dream for Ukrainian manufacturers. They could revive the industry and attract new export deals.
9 November, 2021
National leadership lacks consistency in the development of defence technologies
There is a crucial gap in transparency and mutual understanding between the state and national producers
19 July, 2021
Ukroboronprom hopes to fulfil the state defence order-2021
Although the Law on Defence Procurement has not been implemented due to the absence of bylaws, Ukroboronprom is working to fulfil the state defence order for 2021-2022
31 March, 2021
Ukraine searches for approach to classifying information
Ukraine searches for approach to classifying information. So far, it’s a hard choice between total classification and global transparency standards.
5 March, 2021
Why is Ukraine still not in NATO?
All defence procurement is under threat. On February 15, another deadline expired which was set by the President to develop and adopt the bylaws needed to implement the Law on Defence Procurement
22 January, 2021
Ministry of Scandals or Reforms: What did the Ministry for Strategic Industries remember for six months of its work?
NAKO decided to summarize the main results of the institution.
19 January, 2021
Saving Defence Procurement: What will the Ukrainian Army fight with?
It is now evident that the ministries failed to make timely preparations for the Law “On Defence Procurement” to operate properly early in the year.
6 May, 2020
To steal from the army: Who makes a fortune from armor?
729 mln UAH of damages for Ukraine for the last 6 years
5 March, 2019
UOP's Supervisory Board needs to be independent and professional
Taras Yemchura, NAKO's Analyst, gave comments on Bihus.Info investigation to Channel 4
17 February, 2019
Risky Secrecy. What Causes Corruption in the Military Industrial Complex
Hanna Chabaray from Tyzhden journal writes about plundering in the army, namely about some data from the Ukrainian NGOs which analyze corruption in defence. She highlights the key corruption schemes in the military industrial comple
21 August, 2018
Illusion of Secrecy. Are we able to keep our Secrets?
In Ukraine, about 55 percent of defence procurement is classified through the State Secrets. While the best international practices range from 1 to 20 percent of secret defence spending
13 July, 2018
Between Classifying and Declassifying
Blog by MP Svitlana Zalishchuk for Ukrayinska Pravda
11 August, 2017
War and Business. Part 1
On the 25th anniversary of Independence Day parade, Ukrainians saw a new army, according to Petro Poroshenko. The military equipment for which was purchased or restored at the expense of taxpayers
27 July, 2017
Ukraine Is Losing Fewer Weapons to Theft, but High-Level Corruption Persists
A member of the Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee says the international community must leverage its security aid to force reforms