Nako in media / Euro-Atlantic integration
26 April, 2023
The reform of the United Nations is urgent - Olena Tregub

We need to  make it more fair and more balanced 

11 October, 2022
Ignoring Russian terrorist acts by the world increases the risk of nuclear strikes - Olena Tregub
Russia should see the appropriate reaction of the world
4 July, 2022
Russian Ouroboros: How Corruption Became a Propaganda Weapon Against Ukraine

Within the first weeks of the invasion, Russia actively tried to justify the war with neo-nazies, secret nuclear and biological weapon programs and, of course, NATO’s expansion ambitions. At first, it somewhat impacted global public opinion, as the world knew little about Ukraine.

11 January, 2022
Ukraine has a real chance to join NATO in the short term – NAKO expert
Russia's aggressive policy eggs on it.
29 December, 2021
Not stealing is not enough. How can Ukraine minimize corruption risks in the defence?
What would be the best way to assess the effectiveness of anti-corruption efforts in the defence sector?
19 July, 2021
NATO is researching the strengthening of Ukraine's access to Black Sea surveillance facilities - a representative of the Alliance
Allies of the North Atlantic Alliance are aware of the strategic importance of the Black Sea region for allies and partner countries and will continue to increase their presence in the area
19 July, 2021
"You are doing the right things". NATO explained whether Ukraine has become closer to membership
Gordon Davis said that on its path to Alliance, Ukraine is doing what is expected of it
5 March, 2021
Why is Ukraine still not in NATO?
All defence procurement is under threat. On February 15, another deadline expired which was set by the President to develop and adopt the bylaws needed to implement the Law on Defence Procurement
7 May, 2020
The Normandy Summit and Steinmeier Formula: Tregub's Forecast
NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub spoke to Hromadske.International to discuss a number of issues
2 November, 2018
What will the end of Merkel era mean to Ukraine and Russia
Everything once comes to an end. And now we're seeing the start of the final stage of Angela Merkel's cadence
18 June, 2018
NAKO suggests reducing secrecy of military procurement in the Law on National Security
The Law on National Security should stipulate changes in the Law on State Secrecy
18 June, 2018
NAKO Secretary General: Law on National Security Brings Defense and Security Sector of Ukraine Closer To NATO Standards
The Law on National Security is a framework law which differentiates functions between different bodies in defence and security sector of Ukraine similarly to how it works in NATO countries