News / Eastern Flank
5 February, 2022
Exclusive interview with Steven Pifer
Steven Pifer is a retired Foreign Service officer who has more than 25 years with the State Department focused on US relations with the former Soviet Union and Europe
4 February, 2022
Exclusive interviews with Philip Breedlove, Ben Hodges and Steven Pifer
In the context of increased Russia’s aggression, the team of the ‘Eastern Flank’ project talked to former NATO top officials
11 January, 2022
Interview with defence reservist Marta Yuzkiv
She explains how Putin’s partisans inspired her to join the battalion
24 December, 2021
Interview with Ukraines the first military diver
Kateryna Nikitenko was the first female authorized to practice diving
17 December, 2021
Exclusive interview with gender advisor
Natalia Rybakal-Kalmykova, gender advisor to the Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
10 December, 2021
Interview with Ukrainian female peacekeeper
Why is the number of Ukrainian women participating in peacekeeping missions so small? How hard is the selection process?
22 November, 2021
The first woman enrolled in the Special Operations Forces Q-course

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