26 March, 2023
Reducing Corruption Risks in the Ministry of Defence

In early 2020, NAKO effectively implemented a project to develop solutions to eliminate corruption risks in five priority areas of MoD activities:
  • organisation of defence and public procurement;
  • defence land management;
  • management of MoD state-owned enterprises (SOEs);
  • construction of facilities and provision of housing for military personnel;
  • fuel consumption.
Within the framework of this project, five specialized working groups were established at the MoD, each of which was joined by NAKO experts. Over the course of several months, they identified systemic violations, identified non-compliance with laws and policies, and drafted decisions and roadmaps to address existing corruption risks.
In support of the expert recommendations in the above areas, the program’s lawyer developed more than 25 draft decisions addressing specific problems, in particular, standard draft contracts, methods for optimizing SOEs, improving the procedures for constructing and providing housing to military personnel, etc. Draft laws, resolutions, and orders were also prepared, and drafts of amendments to existing approved procedures and methodical recommendations were provided. All the work of NAKO experts was transferred to the MoD via the Commission on Corruption Risk Assessment, which will focus on analysing 12 areas. Following a series of the Commission meetings, NAKO provided 25 recommendations to the MoD. 24 of them were included in the MoD Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2021-2024.