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6 December, 2018
Drago Kos: Every War Creates Ideal Conditions for Corruption
Talking to Ukrlife.TV NAKOs Committee Member Drago Kos shared his international experience in fighting corruption, explained the interrelation between the war and corruption raised the issue of excessive secrecy of defence expenses and procurement. Here are some highlights of the interview:
  • “NAKO team has identified a number of not simply corruption cases but schemes. Firstly, this is the reason why Ukraine loses lots of money. Secondly, soldiers in the frontline suffer because of this, both men and women”.
  • “Every war creates ideal conditions for corruption. Those things which are not possible in peaceful times, become possible and easy-to-do in case of war. Lack of resources in war times enables some people to get very rich illegally. This is one of the problems that NAKO has investigated. For example, we published the report on illegal trade with the occupied Donbas.”
  • “We pass the results of our research papers to the institutions with power, for instance to Minister of Defence Stepan Poltorak. And there are already some results. For instance, when we informed him about the results of our reseach of corruption schemes in defence housing, the Minister cancelled contracts with six construction companies, it took him just a couple of weeks. So there is a window for change, and we will mobilize our efforts, as the more money Ukraine spends on the war, the more is stolen”.
Watch the interview in Ukrainian: