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22 September, 2021
Ukroboronprom will engage graduates from top western universities in its reform
On September 22, a workshop was devoted to the reform of Ukroboronprom and how the graduates of top western universities can pool together their efforts in developing Ukraine’s state defence industry sector. NAKO was represented by Executive Director Olena Tregub.
Ukroboronprom’s Director-General, Yurii Husiev stressed that when the reform is complete, the critical elements of the new defence industry need to be the following:
  • delimitation of the owner’s and policymaker’s functions to make it less prone to corruption and political pressure;
  • effective functioning of defence enterprises;
  • development of new products and innovations.
The Director-General also emphasised the advantages of Law №3822 on the corporatisation of defence enterprises, including protection from direct political pressure and corruption risks and recovery of the enterprises on all the levels, from industrial and social to financial.