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7 December, 2018
Drago Kos: Ukraine Should Avoid Intermediaries in Arms Procurement
NAKO Committee Member talked to Radio “Novoe Vremya” to share his anti-corruption experience in Europe, assess the anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine and emplain some reasons for corruption schemes in defence procurement.

Here are some key messages: “One of the reasons that enables corruption in defence sector is the lack of transparency. Everything is secret, everything is classified. 90 per cent of the State Defence Order is classified. I clearly understand that Ukraine has been in the state of war for several years, and still, it cannot be that everything is secret”.

“I am deeply concerned by the fact that lots of arms are procured through intermediaries. When you see the intermediary, you should understand that there is only one reason for that – to increase the price. Ukraine as a country which moves towards the EU and NATO should not use intermediaries. Ukraine should procure arms directly from the suppliers”.

The full interview in Ukrainian is here: