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23 November, 2018
NAKO Secretary General Spoke on Fighting Corruption in the EaP Region at the Seminar in Stockholm
Fighting corruption is a challenge both for Ukraine and the Eastern Partnership region. This was one of the key messages delivered by NAKO Secretary General Olena Tregub at the Seminar in Stockholm, ‘Political violence and shrinking civic space in the EaP region’. This seminar has brought forward the voices from the region highlighting different challenges that the civil society and human rights activists are facing but also focused on examples and success stories of how to work against political violence and the obstacles for civil society movements. The discussions touched on the current situation as well as perceptions on the future development within the context of human rights and the civil society in the region, with the focus on Ukraine, Belarus and Azerbaijan. NAKO is grateful to the co-organizers of the event: Swedish Civil Society Network for EaP & Russia; Forum Syd, Kvinna till Kvinna, RFSU, SILC & Östgruppen, and personally to Sofia Strive and Martin Uggla.