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24 September, 2021
Ministry of Defence owes UAH 5.7 bln to service members
The Ministry of Defence owes UAH 5.7 billion to Ukrainian service members for additional payments. These are the so-called “ATO” payments, bonuses, health benefits, etc.
Solomiia Bobrovska, MP, wrote about this on her Facebook page. According to her, all Ukrainian military units received letters warning about a possible delay in 2021 military support payments.
“As of now, the Ministry does not have enough funds even to settle with the service members released in September,” she said.
The Ministry of Defence hopes that the Verkhovna Rada will soon adopt a bill that changes the State Budget for 2021. After all, it did not take into account all the payments earlier.
“While the Ministry of Defence asks the Ministry of Finance to bring the budget closer, and the Verkhovna Rada has just begun to consider a bill to increase spending to cover this deficit, our military must continue to work on a semi-volunteer basis,” Solomiia Bobrovska wrote.
We at NAKO believe that such situations harm the desire of Ukrainians to serve in the Armed Forces under contract and call on the government and Parliament to do everything possible to prevent such cases.
Moreover, Ukraine intends to increase the number of the Armed Forces from 250,000 to 261,000 people, including increasing the number of service members from 204,000 to 215,000.
In the future, clear cooperation between the Ministry of Defence and the Verkhovna Rada is needed so that in case of insufficient funding, MPs make the necessary changes on time.