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26 January, 2022
NAKO participates in anti-corruption training course at the National Defence University
What are the manifestations of corruption in the army? How to deal with the situations with the signs of conflict of interests in military units? These are the questions from the list of issues discussed by the participants of the anti-corruption training course at the Ivan Cherniakhovskyi  National Defence University at the lecture of Vitaliy Shevchuk, NAKO analytical expert.                                
The lecture is part of the training course on defence management at the Scientific Center for Building Integrity and Corruption Prevention in the security and defence sector (BITEC).                              
V. Shevchuk emphasized that preventing corruption in the personnel policy is one of the key missions for the Ukrainian army and the defence sector. He is confident that "the competence in identifying corruption risks correctly will allow developing most effective and efficient mechanisms of combating abuse". In particular, the expert-recommended not to appoint the applicants with significant financial problems to the posts where the high corruption risks may arise. "Pay attention to the business and personal problems of subordinates, be especially careful when it becomes known about the employee's large debt or preferences contradicting his/her financial capacity.                
For example, a hobby which cannot be funded with the salary only", he stated. The training course on prevention and detection of corruption has been conducted since 2015.           The heads of the structural divisions of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are the participants of the course.                
The NAKO experts have been participating in the program for several years in a row. Vitaliy Shevchuk is an analytical expert with years of work in the Ministry of Defense experience, now working on the joint project of the NAKO and the parliamentary committee on national security.