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11 February, 2019
NAKO Presented its Questionnaire on Defence Corruption to Presidential Candidates
The Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee developed the Questionnaire to inform the Ukrainian voters about the views of every presidential candidate on fighting corruption in defence and security (see the attachment). In the context of Russian military aggression these questions are of prior importance from the point of view of the key tasks for the would-to-be Commander-in-Chief.

For the first time in the modern history of Ukraine the independent non-governmental organization developed such questions and is sending them to every presidential candidate. The tradition to question the candidates was borrowed from France and the United States where similar questionnaires are held before every election. “The security sector reform and fighting corruption in this system are the key conditions necessary to guarantee Ukraine’s national security. It’s really important that the presidential candidates should answer these seven questions. It will help voters to get valuable information and understand which views of Ukraine’s future the next president has”, said NAKO Сo-Chair Volodymyr. Apart from the questions to the presidential candidates themselves, NAKO has also developed the online platform where the candidates’ answers are collected. These answers provide better understanding of the methods of fighting corruption in the sector of defence and security.  

The link to the online platform is here

The video of the press conference

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