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25 March, 2020
State Defence Order Remains Classified: NAKO Calls for the Parliament to Adopt the New Defence Procurement Law
On March 24 the Verkhovna Rada Defence Committee approved the State Defence Order for years 2020 – 2022 previsouly decided by the National Defence and Security Council and confirmed by the President’s decree. It means that this year more than 25,8 bln UAH will be allocated for the State Defence Order: it’s 16% more than last year. 14 state customers, including the ministries, will partake in SDO implementation. SDO’s purpose is to provide defence-related supplies, services and works to the state contractors tasked with maintaining and protecting Ukraine’s national security. Unfortunately, now State Defence Order remains almost fully classified. Thus, NAKO continues its fight for reducing overclassification in procurement and insists that the following steps are critically important:
  • To pass the draft law #2398 in whole which will allow to reduce the level of classification of military equipment and weapons procurement on a system level,
  • To introduce the necessary changes to the Law on State Secret, or adoption of the amended law which will de-classify the large part of procurement and ensure functioning the Law of Ukraine ‘On Defence Procurement’. It is crucial for the Law on State Secret to ensure that the customers should define the classification level only after the harm in case of non-classifying has been justified.
NAKO calls for decisive actions which could reduce corruption within Ukraine’s sector and save the state funds which will positively impact the country’s defence capabilities.