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20 June, 2022
New Anti-Corruption Strategy: defence corruption issues postponed

Approval of the strategy - is another step towards candidacy to the European Union.

There has not been an Anti-Corruption strategy in Ukraine since 2017. A new one appeared in the Verkhovna Rada only in 2020. Back then, the Parliament approved it in the first reading. However, the second reading has been regularly postponed up until today.

The strategy defines the principles of the state's anti-corruption policy until 2025. It contains measures aimed at minimizing corruption risks in priority areas for Ukraine. Defence is one of such priorities. However, this exact priority is now postponed due to the war. The new version of the law provides for defence issues enforcement after the end of martial law. 

Other defence anti-corruption policies have not changed significantly. The strategy was only supplemented with a new area of work - personnel policy during the conscription. Along with that, mitigation of defence corruption risks includes the following areas:

  • land and property management;
  • defence procurement;
  • defence housing;
  • defence industry.

More on these areas can be found in the expert column Postponing the Unpostponable: Is There Time for Anti-Corruption Strategy on the MPs' Agenda?

Civil society took an active part in developing the Anti-Corruption strategy. The government took into account NAKO's recommendations on mitigating corruption risks in the defence and security sector.