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11 February, 2022
Parliament approved a three-year closed defence procurement plan for 2022-24

This is a significant step forward in modernizing defence procurement procedures. The three-year plan concerns the procurement of goods, work, and services for defence purposes, which are carried out under a closed procedure.

This is a significant step forward in modernizing defence procurement procedures. In other words, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defence does not plan to purchase “from time to time”, but has a clear plan that allows manufacturers to build their strategy for production and cooperation with the Ministry.

However, the question of how often this three-year plan will be reviewed remains open. Previous experience shows that the state defence order (DOZ) has been adjusted too often in previous years. Both DOZ executors and civil society experts have complained about this.

The three-year plan is provided by the Law on Defence Procurement, which was adopted in July 2020 and came into force on January 1, 2021. Former Defence Minister Andriy Taran was unable to approve such a document during his term. It took the Ministry of Defence more than a year to start implementing the provisions of the Law  “On Defence Procurement.”

We remind you that the purchase of weapons and military equipment in Ukraine remains completely secret. This makes anti-corruption control over such purchases impossible.

The Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (NAKO) was involved in drafting new legislation in the field of defence procurement, in particular, the law on defence procurement. For quality implementation, the law should minimize corruption risks in the defence sector by:

  • Ensuring the openness of defence procurement procedures;
  • Increasing planning transparency;
  • Introducing effective public and democratic civilian control.

One of NAKO’s activities is to reduce corruption risks in defence procurement. NAKO promotes the quality implementation of adopted laws in the field of defence aimed at promoting transparency and the principles of good governance. NAKO also supports the government in implementing key reforms and publicly monitors defence procurement.