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15 September, 2021
NAKO representatives met with the management of the State Audit Service of Ukraine
The result of this constituent meeting was an agreement on further cooperation. NAKO will work on implementing a gender audit methodology in the state’s financial control of the security and defence sector. They discussed several issues during the meeting. In particular, digital transformation is happening within the Service right now and, when established, will allow more effective detection and prevention of corruption in public finance. 
NAKO participants were Olena Tregub, Executive Director; Svitlana Musiiaka, Head of Research; and Kostiantyn Kuznietsov, Gender Expert. The State Audit Service was represented by its Head, Hennadiy Plis, Chair; Yuliia Solianik, Deputy Chair; Olha Kuchma, Head of the Department of Regulatory and Methodological Support of the Public Financial Control Process; Inna Tykhomyria, Head of the European Integration and International Relations Unit; Tetiana Marchuk, Head of the Department of the Control in the Sphere of Defense, Law Enforcement Bodies and Authorities; and Zoriana Proniuk, Head of the Legal Department.