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23 November, 2018
The Queue Will Disappear in 600 Years: Why the Servicemen and Women Cannot Get Their Housing?
Ukraine’s national ICTV channel made a story about corruption risks in defence housing based on NAKOs recent research of this issue. The media outlet draws attention to the fact that the defence housing queue doesn’t move for Igor Stadnytsky, a war veteran who saved several battlefield friends. However, it moves for the one-star general Viktor Nazarov. The court found Nazarov guilty in the death of 49 commandos near Luhansk airport: he didn’t assess the situation properly and ordered to airlift the units by plane IL-76. The plane was later shot down by the militia. The journalist says that the NAKO team doubts the transparency of allocating housing to servicemen/women. Based on NAKOs research, the story highlights that the money spent on defence housing now is often misued, due to corruption schemes and artificially high pricies.

Source: "Факти", канал ICTV.