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8 September, 2021
The Draft of Gender Equality Strategy Published
The Ministry of Social Policy published for public discussions the draft of gender equality strategy up to 2030. The document takes into account NAKO’s recommendations regarding the defence and security sector. 
The key objective of the Strategy is to create effective mechanisms for ensuring equality of rights and opportunities to both men and women in several areas of public life. Namely, it concerns the opportunities in defence and security, education, healthcare, social protection, culture, sports etc. 
If implemented effectively, men and women can equally take part and use the results of sustainable economic development, get equal access to all the types of economic activity, be free of conflict-related violence, and take part in peacebuilding and post-conflict recovery.  The UN Women Ukraine, The Government Commissioner for Gender Policy and the Ministry of Social Policy hold consultations with non-governmental organisations, in which NAKO also participates.