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23 November, 2018
How to Fight Corruption in Defence and Security Sector?
NAKOs Secretary General Olena Tregub talked to Hromadske Radio to discuss some key questions in defence sector. Namely, how to fight corruption in the sector, who retards reforms, and why it is necessary to refor the state-owned defence enterprise Ukroboronprom? Here are some key messages:
  • Ukraine’s defence budget has increased four times since pre-Maidan times: from 34 bln UAH to 168 bln UAH in 2018. As Ukraine is now moving towards the EU and NATO, there is an opportunity to reform this sector to use these funds efficiently.
  • NAKO deals with those ares of MoD activity which we consider the most prone to corruption. These are defence land, housing, medical supplies, international assistance and also Ukroboronprom. The UoP state-owned defence enterprise unites 130 defence companies, so basically includes all state defence production. The quality of arm received by the servicemen and women in the frontline, depends on them. It also depends on them if there are any abuse in terms of export as these companies get 85 per cent of the profit from export.
  • Now NAKO promotes the independent audit of Ukroboronprom which includes the financial and legal ones. Basically, it should answer the question what the condition of all these UoP member-companies is, and what should be done with them. The real reform will start when corporatization and prizatization starts for the companies which the state doesn’t need, and when cooperation with the international partners starts.
You can listen to the interview in Ukrainian on the website of Громадського радіо.