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3 December, 2020
Yuriy Husiev Appointed a new Director General of Ukroboronprom
On December 3, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky appointed Yuriy Husiev the new Director General of State Concern Ukroboronprom (hereinafter - UOP), thus replacing Ihor Fomenko, the acting Director. 

Who is Mr Husiev?
In 2019 President Zelensky appointed Husiev the Governor of Kherson Oblast. Before that Husiev ran for Parliament as a member of Sluha Narodu party. However, he withdrew before the election.  In 2014-2016 he was a Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defence and one of the founders of the “Volunteer Force” movement, a project within the MoD aiming to strengthen and optimize the Ministry, launch reforms in a number of areas, including logistics, e-procurement system, and the medical capacity of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In 2009-2014 he worked for the Ministry of Economy. In 2016-2018 Husiev also advised the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Environment. Husiev is a graduate of the Kyiv National Economic University. He also completed a number of programs including the ones of the Harvard Kennedy School, the Kyiv Aspen Institute and the Ukrainian School of Political Studies. He holds a PhD in Economics and is a visiting Professor of the Nueva Granada Military University (Colombia).

Ukroboronprom’s top-management reshuffle
Ihor Fomenko served as the Acting Director General for less than two months. On November 30, he claimed that the appointment most probably had no chance to become a permanent one. “My “open dialogue” position was not supported by selected policymakers”, he explained.  Earlier that month, UOP voiced its concern regarding the threat to the defence industry reform allegedly coming from the Ministry of Strategic Industries (MSI). Apart from the interference to UOP’s activity, the Ministry is said to be blocking the defence industry reform as a whole, namely, by delaying the draft of the needed legislation. Responding to this statement, the MSI called it “a demarche of Ukroboronprom’s management”. So far, the new Director-General has not publicized its vision of the future of Ukroboronprom and its reforms. But right after Zelensky’s presidential victory in 2019 Husev co-initiated the roundtable in cooperation with NAKO and other selected experts to advance for Ukroboronprom’s transformation. So we sincerely hope that Mr Husiev will continue the transformation of UOP in line with the OECD standards, making Ukraine’s defence industry more transparent, accountable and less prone to corruption. These are the measures that NAKO has been pushing for during the last 3 years and which are supported by Ukraine’s international partners.

Watch the roundtable with Mr. Husev on Ukroboronprom in ENG: