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29 July, 2019
Statement on Transparent Personnel Appointments in the Military Industrial Complex
Common statement of the civil society as for providing transparent personnel appointments in the military industrial complex.

To President of Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelensky

To Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council

Olexander Danylyuk

To Head of Supervisory Board of State Defence Enterprise Ukroboronprom

Aivaras Abromavicius

Ukraine is at the doorstep of changes on top personnel. After the parliamentary election, massive personnel shake-up is expected, in particular, in the state sector of the military industrial complex (MIC). Taking into consideration the military aggression in Ukraine’s East and numerous corruption scandals at completing the State Defence Order which undermine the national security, it is highly important to bring responsible professionals with unchallenged reputation to the top positions in the military industrial complex. This is why civil society experts have defined a number of positions that directly influence the choice, quality and the price of armament and military equipment which will be tomorrow used by Ukrainian soldiers. The positions which require special attention are the following:
  • Management of state defence enterprise Ukroboronprom,
  • Management of member companies of Ukroboronprom,
  • Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine responsible for development of military industrial complex,
  • Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine responsible for military and technical policy, development of armament and military equipment, as well as Directorate of military representations,
  • Management of the State Space Agency,
  • Management of the State Service of Export Control.
Selection of candidates to the aforementioned positions has to be transparent and be based on such criteria as: lack of conflict of interest with their personal business interests, confirmation of the declared sources of income, corresponвance to the requirements of lustration legislation as well as absence of available information which throws shadow on patriotic position and business reputation of the candidate. We call for the top chiefs in the country to guarantee that these and adjacent positions are taken up by honest professionals. Civil society is ready to take part in the selection procedure. In our turn, we confirm that we will carefully monitor all decisions related to top-level appointments.

The Independent Defence Anti-Corruption Committee (NAKO)
Разом проти корупції (Together against Corruption)
Центр протидії корупції (AntAc)