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26 September, 2022
To stay neutral in the face of Russia’s invasion is to support genocide - Olena Tregub
The support of South Korea will accelerate the victory of Ukraine in the war that russia started. And this, in turn, will affect the security not only of Europe, but also of South Korea and East Asia itself. This opinion was expressed by the executive director of NAKO Olena Tregub in an interview with the South Korean publication "" during her visit to South Korea.

It is about support with military equipment and weapons. After all, South Korea is one of the world's producers of weapons (tanks, military aircraft etc). During her working trip to Seoul, Olena Tregub met with Korean politicians, the academic community, representatives of defense enterprises and public organizations in order to promote closer cooperation between Ukraine and South Korea. "If Korea helps Ukraine, it will also open up new opportunities during the reconstruction of the destroyed infrastructure in Ukraine," she said.

Olena Tregub urged not to overestimate the power of russia, which Ukraine is defeating. "Currently, South Korea does not sufficiently help Ukraine. Although many countries helped South Korea at one time. Korea does not provide active support with weapons and is passive in terms of sanctions applied to russia. Remaining neutral during this war means supporting genocide," she said.