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4 April, 2022
Zelenskyi must immediately sign the law on war criminals
Euromaidan SOS and other  civil society organizations ask the President of Ukraine to sing the law on war criminals (reg. No. 2689). to prosecute the Russian military for crimes against humanity. Including crimes Vorzel, Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel and other towns in the Kyiv area.Olexandra Matviychuk, the Head of the board of the Centre for Civil Liberties says about in Facebook.  
The International Criminal Court would be unable to cover the entire range of the committed international crimes, since its policy makes it focus on top officials exclusively. Therefore, thousands of perpetrators who have committed these crimes with their own hands would remain the responsibility of national investigative and judicial authorities.
She pays attention that The International Criminal Court operates on the complementarity principle, i.e. rather than substituting for national judicial authorities, it considers cases of the gravest international crimes where the State is ‘unable’ to investigate such crimes or knowingly ‘evades’ doing it. However, international crimes are not covered by a statute of limitations; therefore, putting off the solution to this problem domestically would entail a direct path to impunity.
The draft law (reg. No. 2689), developed at the initiative of the Centre for Civil Liberties and Human Rights Agenda Platform, is precisely intended to address the existing gap. It indeed provides the State with legal instruments to bring war criminals to justice. These amendments to the Criminal Code are all the more important in the event of successful implementation of the idea, announced by the President of Ukraine, to set up an international hybrid tribunal.
Euromaidan SOS and the civil society organisations remind that the law on war criminals (reg. No. 2689) has been awaiting the Ukrainian President’s signature since June 2021. Volodymyr Zelenskyi must prove his commitment to pursue war criminals by doing a simple thing — signing this draft law immediately.
They also reiterate our call on the Ukrainian Parliament to ratify immediately the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.
Appeal supported by:
  • Centre for Civil Liberties
  • Transparency International Ukraine
  • Ukrainian House Crimean Centre for Business and Cultural Cooperation
  • Culture Against Rudeness Civil Society Organisation
  • Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union
  • Crimea SOS
  • Public Television Civil Society Organisation
  • Vox Ukraine
  • MART Civil Society Organisation
  • Regional Centre for Human Rights
  • Coalition for Culture Civil Society Organisation
  • Depths of Art Charity Foundation
  • Centre of Policy and Legal Reform
  • One Philosophy /
  • Ukraine Crisis Media Centre
  • ZMINA Centre for Human Rights
  • Centre for Law Enforcement Activities Research Civil Society Organisation
  • Social Action Centre Civil Society Organisation
  • Ukrainian Guild of Directors Civil Society Organisation
  • UPLAN Civil Network for Public Law and Administration
  • Association of Relatives of Kremlin’s Political Prisoners
  • Almenda Centre for Civil Education